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We are able to feed 60+ children and counting in the Denver and Aurora area thanks to you and your contributions!

22 million low income children depend on receiving one meal when they attend school thanks to national school lunch programs. Statistics show hungry children are less likely to graduate which leads to lower income, keeping them in the lower class. They are also at an increased risk for depression and anxiety as well as behavioral issues. Clearly meals and nutrition are crucial to students to succeed in life. But what happens when these children go home? Families who rely on school lunch programs are often unable to provide meals for each member of the family. That is where Snack2Learn comes in. We want to ensure children have access to food during the weekends through our Snack Pack Program. This program sends food home with students who would otherwise go hungry. We are a non-profit and are able to feed sixty children in the Denver and Aurora area thanks to you and your donations.

Our Staff

Tere Daniel

Founder & Executive Director

Tere Daniel is a retired Flight Attendant who has coordinated volunteer programs from Mexico to Asia. Her extensive background in travel and volunteerism has provided her the knowledge and experience to develop Snack2learn, she has been involved with helping underprivileged children throughout her life. As a teacher in a refugee camp in Thailand for “Save The Children Foundation” at the United Nations (UNHCR) to Mexico’s Orphanages. Her vision for Snack2learn came when her granddaughter told her a neighbor friend in her class had moved. One year later she explained why: The Family of five had been evicted because they couldn’t pay the rent and now live in a small apartment. The Parents were both unemployed and sometimes had no food at home especially on weekends.    

Oskar Radka

Graphic Design Manager & Social Media Manager 

Oskar is from Poland where he graduated college with a degree in Economics and Accounting in 2016. Oskar joined a cultural-educational exchange program, which brought him to Boston Massachusetts for three months and then to Silicon Valley, California where he has lived for nearly two years. Oskar’s full-time employment is working with children and he volunteers as a Graphic Designer for several non-profit organizations. Oskar’s interests are Marketing and Advertising, he has attended classes at Stanford University and will be heading back to Europe to study International Marketing in Denmark in 2018. Oskar volunteers because he has extra time and believes children are the future.

Inna Leikina

Design Consultant

Inna is a Denver based graphic and web designer. After completing a year with the Denver Math Fellows and Americorp, Inna decided to pursue design instead of education, however she has always wanted to use any skills that she has to help kids. Inna loves creating engaging visuals to help Snack 2 Learn have the most impact on the community.

Board of Directors

Jim West

Board of Directors

Bio under construction...

Chris Olejnik

Board of Directors & Director of Marketing

Chris began his public service in Winter Park, Colorado as a ski patroller. There he practiced the basics of empathy and truly caring for perfect strangers. This experience encouraged him to continue his public service in the US Army where he is still serving. In South Korea, in his free time, taught children to speak English at the local orphanage. Chris was assigned and deployed with the 10th Mountain Division to the Kunar Province in Afghanistan. There he was exposed to a different type of poverty which made the Humanitarian Aid missions to remote villages so rewarding despite the danger. 

Tim Laing

Board of Directors

Tim enjoys the people and the beauty Colorado offers. As a graduate of Aurora Pubic Schools, Tim saw a wide range of socio-economics and racial diversity. Tim's father started the Aurora Honda business in 1966 which is still a thriving today. Tim and some of his siblings still work at the same business today. As a father of two, with his kids going thought the same Aurora Public Schools he graduated from, he has a compassion for kids who don't have the same privileges. He believes at a minimum, kids deserve food in their stomachs. If he can help provide kids a meal they can eat during the weekends, Tim feels that he is helping his community in a small, but meaningful, way. 

Brian Hastings

Board of Directors

Bio under construction... 

Bob Hershey

Board of Directors

Bob has been a successful business owner in Denver Colorado for nearly fifty years, his commitment to helping children through Snack2learn can be seen weekly in the smiling faces of our customers, the children. 


"When the students came down to collect the Snack Pack bags, their smiles and positive energy were easily visible. It meant so much to know that people they never met cared so much about them and their families’ well-being."

- Brian Fought 

Dean of Student and Athletic Director at Murphy Creek Elementary School

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